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AI Summit Video – Q2 Uses Protopia AI to Take on Fraud

Q2’s Chief Data Scientist applies Protopia AI’s technology to enable check fraud detection for their financial institution customers – by giving them access to state-of-the-art computer vision-based fraud detection.

The Problem

Check fraud makes up 47% of losses for FIs. FI clients are reluctant to share check images that contain sensitive information with the fraud detection solution due to security protocols. Q2 needed a solution in which FIs could safely and confidently share their data to use their fraud detection product.

The Solution

Q2 tried Protopia AI’s Stained Glass Transform™ for check fraud detection that enabled Q2’s computer vision models to operate accurately without requiring clients to share plain source data i.e. check images.for making fraud detection inferences. Protopia AI’s Stained Glass Transform learns what Q2’s fraud detection model needs, which enables Q2 to remove unnecessary information and maximally obfuscate all other features from their client’s check images with minimal accuracy loss. Q2 quickly embedded Protopia AI’s product into their existing machine learning methodology with minimal changes to their software to accurately identify check fraud and share information with clients without exposing sensitive data.


Protopia AI enabled quick time-to-market and eliminated the disruption of using Q2’s existing fraud protection application. Protopia AI took days to implement vs. months for other AI privacy solutions.

Q2 expanded access to their industry-leading fraud detection to clients who were previously unapproachable because of their internal data protocols – driving customer growth.

Protopia’s CEO, Eiman Ebrahimi also breaks down how the breakthrough solution works. Filmed live from the AI Summit in NY.

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