Protopia AI to collaborate with AWS to solve Generative AI’s Privacy Challenges

Protopia AI Presents

Enterprise Adoption of Large Language Models

Opportunities and Challenges


Sol Rashidi

Patented inventor, Former CDAO at Estée Lauder, Merck, Sony.

Ben Taylor

Chief AI Strategist Dataiku

Eiman Ebrahimi

Chief Executive Officer, Protopia AI. Former Nvidia


Join us for a crucial webinar that tackles the pressing opportunities and challenges of adopting Large Language Models (LLMs) in the enterprise. Hear distinguished AI and industry frontrunners delve into key aspects of successful LLM integration. Access our webinar to explore various vital topics that can help you make informed decisions in the rapidly changing Generative AI ecosystem.

Topics include

  • Syncing LLMs with Existing Enterprise Systems: Best practices to effectively align LLM deployments with your current infrastructures.
  • Understand the critical importance of data hygiene and the challenges of inconsistencies and fragmented data sources.
  • Discover how AI and LLMs can dramatically improve enterprise processes and outcomes on a global scale.
  • Discover how to ensure data privacy and security while harnessing the full potential of data assets.