Harness the Power of AI with Total Control and Zero Disruption.

Protopia AI is the first software-only technology that addresses the entire AI data lifecycle, so data is always secure, and business can keep moving.

Data Control and Protection
Software Only | Zero Disruptions

Privatize your AI data, at its most vulnerable state. Retain ownership of sensitive information.

Data breaches and malicious attacks are no longer an if, but when your data will be compromised. Even more alarming is that breaches from unintentional human error account for nearly half of all attacks. Compromised data not only brings business to a catastrophic halt, but can cost millions to resolve.

Now more than ever, securing data – throughout the entire data lifecycle – is the #1 priority for information system professionals and the companies they are paid to protect.

There is too much at stake to be another headline in the news.

Protect Data Throughout the
Entire ML Lifecycle

Unlike other AI data confidentiality solutions that have hardware dependencies, Protopia AI is a software-only technology that minimizes data to its most essential form to complete the task at hand, nothing else. Protopia AI’s solution privatizes both your training datasets as well as data the trained models make predictions about, minimizing risk wherever ML data is used.

  • Leverage 360° data protection from training to deployment
  • Preserve total ownership of your data
  • Create custom versions of your data for deployment
  • Minimize Time-to-Value and align with your business goals
  • Keep operations intact with Zero Disruptions

Protopia AI addresses the entire AI lifecycle: from training to deployment.

Solve the Most Critical Data Challenges
of the ML Lifecycle

Retain Data

Since each data record has many data elements, we enable you to protect sensitive data no matter who owns it – a critical aspect of Responsible AI. This empowers your line of business leaders to use the data they need by minimizing it to its most essential form to complete the task at hand with zero disruption to ongoing operations.

Minimize Leakage of
Sensitive Information

Using our patented obfuscation technology, Protopia significantly shrinks the attack surface at the data level, minimizing your risk of sensitive data leaks. Regardless of whether your AI is consuming text, images, voice, video, or any structured/unstructured data, Protopia minimizes leakage of sensitive information for all data types.

Enable Protected

Provide access to the transformed data records without exposing the sensitive information in its “plain-text” form to the ML process that continues to work accurately and efficiently. Seamlessly integrate within the frameworks you already have in place by protecting your data through all aspects of its journey – from training to deployment. Protopia also solves common, expensive data sharing challenges: you can create custom data sets for your partners and all areas of your business.

Take Ownership of Your AI Data Today

The One and Only Way to Secure Your Data

By the end of 2024, businesses will shift from piloting to operationalizing AI. With Protopia AI, you can operationalize today. Feed your existing AI data pipeline straight from your data warehouse, data lake, or even data exchange, with zero disruption to your business. Harness the power of Protopia AI for your organization today.

The Time is Now

Avoid time-consuming debates with your line of business and platform owners. Empower them to use AI operations today with zero disruption to your business.