Real value, from real data, without compromise – every step of the way.

Maximize value from your data across the entire ML lifecycle.

How to Extract Maximum Value from AI

How can you quickly deliver value and protect sensitive data – at any stage of the AI/ML lifecycle?

Protopia AI is the secret sauce to delivering the value you need from AI/ML. Most AI methods only focus on training – you build the model, but can’t deliver value at scale quickly.

With Protopia AI, you can harness the power of AI by streamlining the entire process: from protecting sensitive information in datasets used to train your models, all the way to protecting the data your model uses for predictions. The protection of this is data that the trained model has never seen before is just as important as the protection of training data.

Unleash the Value of AI/ML With
the Confidence of Privacy Principles

According to recent Gartner reports, 85% of AI/ML projects fail to deliver, and only 53% of projects make it from prototype to production. In many of these cases, the key barrier stems from questions around which sensitive information gets exposed to the ML training or prediction process. Protopia AI enables you to explain transparently and mathematically how data is being used by ML, so you can eliminate such barriers to deployment. This reduces internal audit time of specific models where approvals may completely bog down operationalization (e.g., financial services, healthcare, etc.).

Extract more value from rapidly growing AI investments.

How it Works

Protopia AI restores the confidence of accuracy, protection and control simultaneously: activating data transformations before any piece of data is sent to the machines performing their tasks.

  • Harness Explainable AI: Protect your data as it moves across the edge-to-cloud continuum, and equip yourself with the ability to explain which specific data got exposed where.
  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing ML solution pipelines.
  • Reduce requirements around the security necessary for dealing with data beyond the transformation layer.

Unleash the Possibilities – Get Peak
Performance from AI


Equip yourself with the automatic tooling needed to explain which elements in each data record got exposed to what ML algorithm and what platform. Empower yourself to mathematically explain how data was obfuscated to protect sensitive information and minimize the surface area of any potential malicious attacks.

Enable Data

Enable obtaining and sharing/monetizing ML datasets in a scalable, automatic, compliant, and cost-effective way, both internally and externally. Optimize the impact that AI data can have for the overall business.


Get rapid value from AI/ML data: unlock AI data from the lab and operationalize it for top-line revenue while improving your platform team’s cost efficiency with automation.

Get Value from Your AI Data Today

Reduce Your Data Sharing Risks

By the end of 2024, businesses will shift from piloting to operationalizing AI. With Protopia AI, you can operationalize today, right into your existing data warehouse, with zero disruption to your business. Harness the power of Protopia AI for your organization today.

The Time is Now

Don’t miss out – Gartner forecasts that by 2024, 50% of AI investments will be quantified and linked to specific KPIs to measure return on investment. Maximize the value you can extract from AI today.