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Data Protection for LLMs

With Stained Glass Transform™ 

Stained Glass empowers enterprises to extract value from their proprietary data using the most advanced LLMs without risking leakage of unprotected sensitive information

For Generative AI companies, showcasing value on enterprise data is critical. Friction in getting enterprises to use their internal data is a significant barrier.

For enterprises wanting to use Generative AI solutions, being unable to extract value from their proprietary data quickly is a major shortcoming.

Lightweight and
Versatile Solution

Tap into the value of more data for ML insights

Work with any Data-type from text to images

Stained Glass Applied to Retrieval Augmented Generation

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) is a recent enterprise LLM use-case to retrieve data from outside a foundation model and augment the prompts by adding the relevant retrieved data in context.

The below shows that Stained Glass can be used to protect both question and source documents in the context from the LLM in RAG use-cases.

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