Protopia AI to collaborate with AWS to solve Generative AI’s Privacy Challenges

Stained Glass Transform™ for Model Deployment

Whether you deploy ML solutions internally or for your customers, maximizing data protection for predictions is key.

Business decisions are made on AI inferences, and only real data can be used at this stage of the AI lifecycle. Stained Glass protects your data used at deployment.

Protect your ML throughout its lifecycle

Tap into the value of more data for ML Insights

Safely use data with AI partners confidently

Stained Glass for ML Inferencing

Solve for data confidentiality in the ML deployment stage for any data type.

Q2 uses Stained Glass to Develop New Product for Fraud Detection

Financial services technology company Q2 wanted to maximize data protection for their new fraud detection product. Market research suggested they would increase the product’s desirability if it could operate without receiving raw check images.

Q2 turned to Protopia AI’s Stained Glass Transform™, which allowed their computer vision models to scan check images accurately without clients having to share raw check image data.

This enabled Q2 to obtain only what they needed from their client check images to expand access to their fraud detection product and drive customer growth.

US Navy Use-Case: Maximal Data Protection when Using Computer Vision

Protopia AI partnered with NetApp and implemented Stained Glass Transform™ to demonstrate the breakthrough capability of being able to perform a task like real-time face recognition of VIPs without exposing unprotected images. This capability was showcased at the annual Trident Warrior exercise.

The solution transformed subjects’ faces into Randomized Re‑Representations that were only readable by the facial recognition model with near‑perfect accuracy to identify VIPs. The use case showcased Stained Glass’ ability to protect real-time AI deployment successfully. 

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