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Stained Glass for Model Training

Use more real enterprise data securely. 

Your AI models are as good as the data you put in. Enterprises often can’t train models using real datasets in their organization. But excluding these datasets compromise accuracy.

Stained Glass Transform™ enables more accurate models by leveraging the value of your organization’s data while protecting it against the leakage of sensitive information.

Maintain Data Ownership and Train Accurate Models

Fulfill privacy protocols and train models with more real-world data for better predictions.

Use and Protect ML During Training and Deployment

Access More Real Data
for Insights

Work with any Data-type from text to images

Enrich partnerships and training data to create new revenue opportunities

A manufacturing company wants to leverage visual AI inspections to improve its manufacturing line’s efficiency. However, to use an external AI services company, the manufacturer cannot provide unprotected source images of the products because the images contain design secrets and proprietary information.

Protopia AI helps unblock a critical component of the interaction between this AI services company and its client, the manufacturing company. By building trust with the manufacturing business, the AI services company can obtain real data for model training and can now tap into a new business opportunity. This helps improve product quality and preserves partner confidentiality.

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