Protopia AI is at RSAC. Meet our team of experts in AI Data Privacy and Security.

Meet the Team

Protopia Leadership


CEO & Co‑Founder

Eiman Ebrahimi, PhD, is the CEO and co‑founder of Protopia Al. With a passion for enabling Al’s impact across industry verticals, he previously served as a Research Scientist at NVIDIA for 9 years, leading research to solve key challenges in accessing massive datasets for ML/Al and optimizing large scale GPU systems for training LLMs.


VP Engineering

Jennifer heads the engineering team at Protopia. Her previous roles include managing security at Toyota’s Product Cybersecurity Group, overseeing Cloud workloads at N‑able, and handling data responsibilities at


VP GTM & Customer Enablement

Balaji leads GTM and Customer Enablement at Protopia. He was previously the Product Lead for AI Solutions at Infor where he launched and managed the Augmented Intelligence product portfolio as a trusted partner for enterprise customers.


SVP Biz Dev & Growth

Mark leads Business Development and Growth at Protopia. Specializing in growth and transformation for both entrepreneurial and Fortune 500 companies, he has a decade of expertise in buy and sell‑side M&A and has worked at NodeSource, Alegion, Symatec, Dell and EY.

Our Investors

Our Advisors

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Kevin Senator

CEO, Constella Intelligence

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James Beecham

Founder & CEO, ALTR

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Richard Hegberg

CEO, Aspinity

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Sol Rashidi

CDAO Fortune 100s

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Scott Prevost

Former VP Engineering, Adobe