Protopia AI to collaborate with AWS to solve Generative AI’s Privacy Challenges

Manufacturing and Industrial Infrastructure

Manufacturing and logistics companies increasingly turn to AI to optimize their operations and supply chains. However, AI requires access to vast amounts of data, including sensitive customer and supplier information.

With Stained Glass Transform, manufacturing and industrial infrastructure companies can safely introduce AI to improve efficiencies while protecting sensitive information.

Manufacturing and Industrial Infrastructure Use‑Cases

Quality Control and Defect Detection

Manufacturers use Stained Glass to preserve their proprietary information while using it to analyze products for quality control and defect detection.

Supply Chain Optimization

Businesses want to use LLMs to analyze supplier contracts and pricing to optimize payment timing, sourcing, and procurement.

Stained Glass Transform enables these optimizations while retaining ownership of sensitive information in supplier contracts.

Predictive Maintenance

Train AI models for predictive maintenance while protecting sensitive information.

For example, sensor data can reveal specific and actionable proprietary information about your industrial equipment and its health.

Enrich partnerships and training data to create new revenue opportunities

A manufacturing company wants to leverage visual AI inspections to improve its manufacturing line’s efficiency. However, to use an external AI services company, the manufacturer cannot provide unprotected source images of the products because the images contain design secrets and proprietary information.

Protopia AI helps unblock a critical component of the interaction between this AI services company and its client, the manufacturing company. By building trust with the manufacturing business, the AI services company can obtain real data for model training and can now tap into a new business opportunity. This helps improve product quality and preserves partner confidentiality.

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