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Frequently Asked

Protopia AI’s solution is fundamentally different from data masking solutions in the market. We are not scanning the data to finding anything in particular to mask. For inference, our Stained Glass Factory™ software runs as an optimization step at the end of model training. This optimization step creates a Stained Glass Transform™ corresponding to the trained model. Using this Stained Glass Transform™, you will transform all data elements in each data record (both what may or may not have been masked by a masking solution) yet your model will be able to use that transformed data to make accurate predictions without needing to go back to the original data. In no part of this process does our software scan the data being used for predictions.

Yes, we can enable you to provide customized versions of your data that do not expose all the information in each data record for customers or 3rd party AI service providers that want to validate their ML models with your data.

No, there is not. The transformed data is not encrypted for there to exist a key. As such, there is also no decryption.

No, we never input any customer’s data. Transformations are done within the customer’s own data ingestion pipeline.

Protopia’s solution works within your enterprise’s own infrastructure. Neither the model, nor data need to be exposed to the outside world.

Stained Glass Transform™ can be applied anywhere on the path of data from storage (on-premises or cloud) to the platform being used for ML. For inference, this is done dynamically with minimal latency as data is being loaded for inference and a new copy of the transformed data is not necessary. As such, storage requirements do not increase by using Protopia AI’s solution. For training, it is often desirable to create a new transformed training dataset using Stained Glass Transform™ before access to that data is given to data scientists.

The computational overhead of applying Stained Glass Transform™ is minimal. This is made possible by our patented technology used in Stained Glass Factory™ which runs as an optimization stage at the end of model training.

Stained Glass Transform™ is incredibly simple to deploy because it has very low computation overhead. This simplicity makes it very flexible where you deploy the transformations: edge or server-side. In many cases it makes most sense to deploy the transformations close to where the data lives, at on-premises storage servers, or cloud data platforms

Yes, we enable you to provide customized versions of your data that do not expose sensitive information in raw form with other departments, customers, or 3rd party AI service providers that want to train or validate their ML models with your data.