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Stained Glass Transform™

Protopia AI’s Stained Glass Transform™ (SGT) enables enterprises to harness the power of cutting-edge ML solutions without giving up data ownership.

Stained Glass takes data from your root of trust and transforms unprotected data into a Randomized Re-Representation that is still usable for ML training and inference while maintaining data confidentiality. 

Non-intrusive software to any existing methodologies and tools on-prem

Protects both training data and deployment/inference data

Enables Safe Access to Real Enterprise Data for LLMs

What are Randomized Re‑Representations?

Stained Glass holistically transforms data to a Randomized Re‑Representation through a stochastic process based on Protopia AI’s patented technology.

Randomized Re‑representations can still be used by AI tasks with high accuracy without exposing the original representations in unprotected readable form.

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Randomized Re‑Representation of text for a language model holistically changes data for a customer classification task. The accuracy of the fine‑tuned LLM stays virtually intact.

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Stained glass generates Randomized Re-Representations that enable VIP recognition task to operate accurately without exposing scene in unprotected & human recognizable format. 

Use and send data to Generative AI solutions

Overcome sensitive data restrictions, and safely use your data to take advantage of Generative AI, Large Language Models and AI SaaS solutions.

Enable data protection during ​ML Training and Inferencing

Data ownership and enterprise data confidentiality is not just for ML training. Enterprise data  for AI-driven insights is just as confidential. Stained Glass protects data both during ML training and ML deployment.

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