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Defense & Government

Government and defense agencies face unique challenges when it comes to AI data access and data protection. Enable timely access to insights using the best AI algorithms without compromising sensitive information.

Government and Defense Department Use-Cases

Computer Vision for Security

Stained Glass Transform can be used to analyze video and image data for security purposes while protecting the identities of individuals in the images.

Intelligence Sharing

Agencies look to share intelligence insights without exposing underlying data to each other in unprotected/human-understandable representations.

Cybersecurity and Threat Detection

When training or using ML models for Detection and Response (MLDR), neither the training data nor the data used for predictions need to be exposed. Maximizing protection for your network data should be essential to your MLDR cybersecurity strategy.

US Navy: Maximal Data Protection when Using Computer Vision

Protopia AI partnered with NetApp and implemented Stained Glass Transform™ to demonstrate the breakthrough capability of being able to perform a task like real-time face recognition of VIPs without exposing unprotected images. This capability was showcased at the annual Trident Warrior exercise.

The solution transformed subjects’ faces into Randomized Re‑Representations that were only readable by the facial recognition model with near‑perfect accuracy to identify VIPs. The use case showcased Stained Glass’ ability to protect real-time AI deployment successfully. 

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