Is Sensitive Data Limiting your AI?

Protopia AI enables you to extract Machine Learning insights from your actual data without exposing sensitive information in identifiable form.

Protopia AI Stained Glass Transform™ Explained

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Solve Your Data Access + Sharing Challenges


of corporate data can’t be accessed

Shrink the data attack surface and tap into  the value of sensitive data.


of teams aren’t willing to share data

Use SaaS and ML services without relinquishing data ownership


lost on average company ML project

Minimize time to value with data access for training and predictions.

Unlock and Access More Data Across Your ML Lifecycle


Unblock data privacy frictions to access more real data for ML without exposing sensitive information.


Share data with cloud AI solutions and partners securely


Protect both ML training and Deployment on edge, private cloud, or public cloud.

Protopia AI bridges the gap between transforming the data while keeping the accuracy of the outcome of your ML tasks. Our transformations help:

Keep sensitive information private and
Models identify what they need in each data record.

Responsible AI

A big concern has emerged in AI: data privacy. Protopia uniquely addresses those concerns and accelerates time to AI deployments and value. NetApp is thrilled to have Protopia in our NetApp AI solutions as a technology partner.

Keith Norbie, NetApp

At Q2, we offer a variety of fraud detection solutions using AI; for example, we use computer vision to detect various forms of check fraud. The prospect of feature-level obfuscation of inbound data for maximizing data protection and privacy in our AI solutions is very compelling to us and to our customers.

Jesse Barbour, Chief Data Scientist at Q2ebanking


Adding Protopia AI is Simple.

Proof of Concept

With direct interaction with our team of experts, we will create a proof of concept that shows how Protopia AI’s Stained Glass Transforms™ apply to your data types and ML tasks.

Create Data Transformations for your ML Tasks

For inferencing, Protopia AI’s Stained Glass Transforms™ are generated as an optimization step at the end of your existing ML model training. You can easily integrate the optimization step using our extensions to common frameworks such as PyTorch made accessible through containers or Jupyter Notebooks.

Launch Seamlessly

Use our versatile containers or technology partners to deploy the data transformations at your data warehouse/data center, near-edge networks, or edge devices seamlessly.

At Protopia AI we know you need a path to data integrity, profitability, and protection. With our first of its kind, patents pending, software solution we help companies harness the power of data and AI all while keeping everyone protected.

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