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Don’t Let Data Confidentiality Hold Your Use of AI Back

Retain ownership of your plain-text queries and context and still use the most powerful Large Language Models.

Protopia AI for LLM Data Protection Explained

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Solve Your Data Access + Sharing Challenges


of enterprise data goes unused


of teams aren’t willing to share data


average USD cost of enterprise data breach

Learn How To Protect and Access More Data for AI

Retain Ownership of Your Data for AI Applications


Unlock the value of more enterprise data without compromising confidentiality

Use AI Solutions

Send data to LLM and AI tools while maintaining data ownership

Deploy Securely

Protect both AI training and deployment/inference data for all data types

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US Navy

“A big concern has emerged in AI: data privacy. Protopia uniquely addresses those concerns and accelerates time to AI deployments and value. NetApp is thrilled to have Protopia in our NetApp AI solutions as a technology partner.”

Keith Norbie

Sr. Director WW Partner Solutions & Sales Acceleration

Q2 E-Banking

“At Q2, we offer a variety of fraud detection solutions using AI; for example, we use computer vision to detect various forms of check fraud. The prospect of feature-level obfuscation of inbound data for maximizing data protection and privacy in our AI solutions is very compelling to us and to our customers.” 

Jesse Barbour

Chief Data Scientist at Q2ebanking

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Leverage the opportunities of AI and LLM use cases by better protecting the data that powers them. 

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Try out Stained Glass for LLMs for yourself. See how you can protect your prompts through holistic transformation for use-cases like Question & Answering, RAG, and Summarization.

For AI Providers

See how to use Stained Glass Factory™ to create Stained Glass’ capabilities for your foundation model or AI application.

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