Privatize Data, Enable New Use-Cases and Reduce Time to Deployment

Minimize the impact of data breaches – post-compromise.
Protect your AI data during its most vulnerable state at inference; augment your ownership and control of data in storage and in transit.
Right data, right time, right place. Comply with industry standards and regulations.

How it Works

See how Protopia’s solution masks unnecessary information from the original video image and provides data to AI inference on a need-to-know basis.

This works for any data – structured and unstructured – not just for images!

Concert Crowd
Football Crowd
Wedding Crowd


A big concern has emerged in AI: data privacy. Protopia uniquely addresses those concerns and accelerates time to AI deployments and value. NetApp is thrilled to have Protopia in our NetApp AI solutions as a technology partner.

Keith Norbie

Data privacy is a critical problem for AI and not an easy one to solve. Protopia AI has pioneered a way to address this issue at data’s most vulnerable state – during inference. They provide a reduction of risk and peace of mind that makes AI easier, faster, and most importantly safer to deploy.

Myrna James
Apogeo Spatial

The Industry’s First Software-Only Solution


Intellectual Property

Our IP portfolio covers technologies that enable input data minimization for AI inferencing by mathematically separating necessary from unnecessary features.

Vertical Agnostic Technology

Our solutions are general purpose and applicable to all verticals, including but not limited to vision, tabular and NLP.

Deployment from edge to data center to cloud

The low overhead and non-intrusive nature of our technology enables seamless deployment across the edge-to-cloud continuum.

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