Empower Responsible AI

Move away from raw data and harness the power of data transformation for every data type and every ML application. Protopia AI is the industry’s first software-only & data-centric solution that empowers the enterprise to use AI and ML confidently.

Unlock Key Benefits with Responsible AI

Data Ownership

It’s your data and we believe you should have the power to keep it that way. Open the opportunity for using SaaS MLOps or ML Services without relinquishing ownership of your data.

Unleash the Power of
Sensitive Data

Protopia AI’s unique and patented Stained Glass Transform™ shrinks the data attack surface by transforming data to a stochastic representation that minimizes the information within it. The stochastic representations are readily usable for ML without the need to go back to plain-text format.


Get rapid value from data: Allow quicker data access for AI/ML predictions/inference. Eliminate the need to grant/receive access to raw/plain-text data. Operationalize your data for topline value by using transformed versions for accurate predictions/inferencing.

Addressing Challenges Rooted in
Data Sensitivity Across the ML Lifecycle


Unlock access to real datasets to train performant ML models without exposing or transferring sensitive information.


Enable deployment without relinquishing ownership of sensitive information whether at edge, private cloud, or public cloud.

Minimize Barrier to Entry

Minimize data sensitivity barrier to entry for ML services using real data.

Protopia AI bridges the gap between transforming the data while keeping the accuracy of the outcome of your ML tasks. Our transformations help:

Keep sensitive information private and
Models identify what they need in each data record.

Adding Protopia AI to Your Business is Simple.

Proof of Concept

With direct interaction with our team of experts, we will create a proof of concept that shows how Protopia AI’s Stained Glass Transforms™ apply to your data types and ML tasks.

Create Data Transformations for your ML Tasks

For inferencing, Protopia AI’s Stained Glass Transforms™ are generated as an optimization step at the end of your existing ML model training. You can easily integrate the optimization step using our extensions to common frameworks such as PyTorch made accessible through containers or Jupyter Notebooks.

Launch Seamlessly

Use our versatile containers or technology partners to deploy the data transformations at your data warehouse/data center, near-edge networks, or edge devices seamlessly.

Create a New Way to Equip
Responsible AI

A big concern has emerged in AI: data privacy. Protopia uniquely addresses those concerns and accelerates time to AI deployments and value. NetApp is thrilled to have Protopia in our NetApp AI solutions as a technology partner.

Keith Norbie, NetApp

Data privacy is a critical problem for AI. Protopia AI has pioneered a way to address this issue at data’s most vulnerable state – during inference. They provide a reduction of risk and peace of mind that makes AI easier, faster, and most importantly safer to deploy.

Myrna James, Apogeo Spatial

At Protopia AI we know you need a path to data integrity, profitability, and protection. With our first of its kind, patents pending, software solution we help companies harness the power of data and AI all while keeping everyone protected.

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