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Job Description
As a Machine Learning Engineer, you will work closely with other ML engineers, ML
Scientists, and Platform Engineers to build AI-powered solutions for our customers. You
will play a pivotal role in contributing to all components of Protopia’s flagship Stained
Glass product lifecycle such as training, hyper-parameter tuning, evaluation, and
deployment. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in machine learning,
proficiency in professional programming, a passion for innovation, and the ability to
work in a fast-paced, collaborative environment.
A successful candidate will bring at least 2 – 3 years of experience and possess the
following skills:
  • Proficiency in Python.
  • Hands-on experience with deep learning frameworks including but not limited to
  • Proven experience in developing and deploying deep learning models in a
    production environment.
  • Experience with training or fine tuning Large Language Models (llama or similar or
  • Familiarity with AWS and containers
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to think critically about complex
    technical challenges.
  • Effective communication skills and the ability to collaborate with cross-functional


  • Experience in deploying deep learning models at scale.
  • Experience with MLOps tools such as WandB, Flyte, Kubeflow, MLFlow, Metaflow,
    or Sagemaker
  • Hands-on experience building and maintaining CICD pipelines
  • Experience with managing Kubernetes and Kubernetes ecosystem
  • Knowledge of Terraform and/or terragrunt for Infrastructure as Code


Please email to apply.